Managing Director

Chris has a background in new technologies having founded and grew Display Technology, a technical distribution and value added company to a multi-million pound organisation achieving increases in sales or profit EVERY YEAR, before leaving and selling his shareholding.

Before that he worked as European Marketing Manager for Europe for the Avnet Corporation (NYSE: AVT), a multi-billion Dollar organisation before leaving to start Display Technology. At Avnet Chris was responsible for the Global giants Intel Corp. and Sharp.

Chris speaks fluent German having lived there for 5 years and has an extensive European Business Experience having dealt with companies in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Sporting interests: likes to watch most sports but actively he plays Tennis, cricket, Golf and Table Tennis having played for the England national Junior team in 1984 winning a European Bronze medal. He recently became the Kent regional Men’s and VETTS National champion.