CPT Chungwa Picture Tubes

Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. (CPT) one of the largest TFT LCD manufacturers in the world was established in 1971. In order to satisfy people’s need of visual desire, CPT is enthusiastically devoted to the development of the new display technologies and has fabricated various products which have amazing quality.

Based on strong and concrete core foundation in display technologies for many years, CPT has been very successful in the industry. Coupled with the superior technologies of wide viewing angle performance, faster response time for moving picture, and high colour saturation, etc., CPT continuously develops new products, aggressively raises the quality of products as well as services. With the corporate philosophy of “CREATION, PERFECTION and TEAMWORK”, CPT is dedicated to offer full-sized product line and position itself as a leader for visual telecommunication products and the all-around innovator for optronic technology.

With high reliability, extended temperatures and robust hibrite TFT LCDs CPT is the best kept secret in industrial and commercial TFT business.  But now with the power of Crystal Displays promotion and technical know-how and back up you will be seeing a lot more of these excellent products as they add great value to our clients applications and reputation.

Size Part NumberResolution BrightnessNotes
22"MO-220-SQ-500-L1920 x 1920500 cd/m²Chassis monitor with DVI, HDMI, DP. Panel and kit also available
26.5"LG LM265SQ11920 x 1920300 cd/m²Panel and Kit (chassis monitor available)
26.5"LG LM265SQ11920 x 19201,500 cd/m²Panel and Kit (chassis monitor available)
33.2"MO-332-SQ-1000-L1920 x 19201000 cd/m²Chassis monitor with DVI, HDMI, DP. Panel and kit also available
42.1"MO-421-002-SQ-800-L1900 x 2160800 cd/m²"Almost Square"

Please ask us about your project / application so we can help you find the best display to meet your specific needs.

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