LG  TFT Displays
LG Display is one of the major manufacturer of TFT displays for industrial applications, monitors and multimedia applications. From the range of products we selected some displays which complete our product portfolio.

Why LG TFT Displays?

6,4 ” up to 22″size
Good price/performance ratio

Our LG Display Product Range

Part NumberDescriptionResolutionBrightness
CM320V432" ProCom Monitor 1366x768320 cd/m²
CM430V443" ProCom Monitor1920x1080350 cd/m²
CM500V350" ProCom Monitor1920x1080300 cd/m²
CM550V3-B55" ProCom Monitor1920x1080400 cd/m²
CM650V2-D65" ProCom Monitor1920x1080400 cd/m²
CM700V2-D70" ProCom Monitor1920x1080400 cd/m²
CM840V2-B84" ProCom Monitor3840x2160400 cd/m²

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