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LAN/USB Controller Board

Connect Display and USB-Devices over Ethernet


Connect up to 6 LCD TFT displays to one PC over
extended desktop (more displays with optional
SDK) without graphics card
10/100 Mbit + Gigabit Ethernet interface
USB 2.0/WUSB support with Wisair technology
Supports resolutions up to Full-HD, WUXGA,
Power supply up to 24 Volt (12/24V or 5V-only support)
DisplayLink UGA Technology DL-1×5
USB Hub (3 USB 2.0 Ports for additional USB devices)
USB Touch Controller for 4- or 5wire resistive touches
Optional DVI-RGB analog interface

d.screen USB HYBRID designed by Display Solution in Munich is a cost effective innovative board solution for high performance USB 2.0 and / or Ehternet connected displays based on DisplayLink`s latest DL1x5 device family and EliteSilicon`s USB over IP technology. It is designed to act as a direct interface between either USB 2.0 or Ethernet network and LCD TFT displays from VGA up to Full-HD/WUXGA/QWXGA. A highly efficient power-management and the supported WUSB technology from WISAIR makes the d.screen USB Hybrid the perfect solution for portable multifunctional monitors.

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