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What Is CDS E-Paper?

E-Paper, also known as electronic paper or electronic ink display, has a paper-like high contrast appearance and an ultra-low power consumption and effectively mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.

The display is an electronic replacement for traditional paper that we can use for reading things like books, magazines and more. E-Paper, much like real paper, reflects available ambient light (although they can also incorporate a front-light to improve readability in dark surroundings), thus uses much less power than traditional LCDs or OLEDs


The E-Paper pixels are bi-stable in that once they have been set at a particular grey or colour state will remain in the same display state almost indefinitely until they are forcibly changed. This is unlike LCDs or OLEDs which have to be continuously refreshed, whether they change state or not. As a result of this E-Paper displays can consume a fraction of the power any other display technology would require. It is quite possible to run a 32” diagonal, full 4K display, from a small battery or solar panel. The Kindle Paperwhite, which uses this technology, is advertised as being able to last for weeks without recharge.

SizePart NumberResolutionActive AreaBackplaneInterfaceGrey LevelNotes
1.1ET011TT2240*24027.96*27.96FlexibleSPI4Hard coat
1.3ET013TT1256*25623.30*23.30FlexibleSPIB/WHard coat
1.43ET014TT6128*29614.46*33.45FlexibleSPI4Hard coat
1.43ET014TT1296*12814.46*33.45FlexibleSPIB/WHard coat
1.5E0154A21152*15227.00*27.00GlassSPIB/W/YHard coat
1.54E0154A45200*20027.00*27.00GlassSPIB/WHard coat
2.13E0213A37104*21223.71*48.55GlassSPIB/W/YHard coat
2.66EL026TR2296*15260.09*30.70GlassSPIB/W/RHard coat
2.72ED027TC2296*12863.49*27.46GlassSPIB/W/YAnti-glare/ Hard coat
2.9EL029TC1296*12866.90*29.06GlassSPIB/WAnti-glare, extended temperature
2.9EL029TC2296*12866.90*29.06GlassSPIB/WAnti-glare/ Hard coat
2.9E029A26128*29629.06*66.90GlassSPIB/W/YHard coat
3.27EL033TU1200*30046.20*69.30GlassSPIB/WHard coat
3.84ED038TH1600*60069.00*69.00GlassSPI8Anti-glare / with front light and touch
4.05ET040TC2480*72057.13*85.69FlexibleTTL 8 bitB/WAnti-glare
4.2E042A19400*30084.80*63.60GlassSPIB/W/YHard coat
4.3ED043WC3800*48056.16*93.60GlassTTL 8 bit16Hard coat
4.7ET047TC2540*96058.32*103.68FlexibleTTL 8 bit16Hard coat
4.7ED047TC2960*54058.32*103.68GlassTTL 8 bit16Hard coat
5.17ED052TC2960*54064.53*114.24GlassTTL 8 bit16Hard coat
5.65ED057TC6600*448114.90*85.80GlassSPIB/W/RAnti-glare/ Hard coat
5.65ED057TC2600*448114.90*85.80GlassSPIB/WAnti-glare/ Hard coat
5.65ED057TC1600*448114.90*85.80GlassSPIB/W/YAnti-glare/ Hard coat
6ED060XCD1024*75890.60*122.40GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare
6ED060XH71024*75890.60*122.40GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare / with front light and touch
6ED060KC11072*144890.60*122.40GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare
6ED060SCT600*80090.60*122.40GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare
6ED060KG21072*144890.58*122.36GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare / with front light
7.5E075A10640*384163.20*97.92GlassSPIB/W/YHard coat
7.8ED078KC11404*1872118.64*158.18GlassTTL 16 bit16Hard coat
9.7ED097TC21200*825202.80*139.43GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare
9.7EL097TR11200*825202.80*139.43GlassTTL 8 bitB/W/RAnti-glare/ Hard coat
10.3ES103TC11404*1872157.25*209.66FlexibleTTL 16 bit16Anti-glare
10.3ED103TC11404*1872157.25*209.66GlassTTL 16 bit16Anti-glare
13.3AC133UT11600*1200270.40*202.80GlassTTL 8 bitFull colorAnti-glare/ Hard coat
13.3ES133TT32200*1650270.60*202.95FlexibleTTL 16 bit16Hard coat
13.3ES133UT21600*1200270.40*202.80FlexibleTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare
13.3ED133UT21600*1200270.40*202.80GlassTTL 8 bit16Anti-glare
13.3EL133US11600*1200270.40*202.80GlassTTL 8 bitB/W/RAnti-glare/ Hard coat
14ED140TT1300*144070.5*338.4GlassTTL 8 bitB/WAnti-glare/ Hard coat
31.2ED312TT22560*1440691.20*388.80GlassTTL 16 bit (x4)16Hard coat
31.2EC312TT21280*720691.20*388.80GlassTTL 16 bit (x4)ColourHard coat, RGB 4096 colors
42ED420TT12160*2880642.6*856.8GlassTTL 16 bit (x2)16Hard coat

The above are E-Paper Displays in component form, designed for integration.

If required we also have a wide range of driver boards to make it easier to interface with the displays.

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