Rear Mount Chassis Monitors

Our rear-mount chassis monitors have a bezel, with angled mounting brackets at the sides. They are especially suited for mounting
behind a switch panel. We offer Aspect Ratio 4.3 as well as Wide Screen formats, in sizes from 5.7” to 65”.

Optional integrated touch-screen with Resistive, SAW, Capacitive or IR-Multi Touch technology are available.

Our Chassis mount series is specifically designed for the industrial rear mount LCD and customized for industrial environments and installations. They feature wall mounts, chassis, open frame styles and combines special mounting applications. We have various chassis mounts sizes with various touch screen options.
Sizes = from 5.7″ up to 65″ diagonal.

Resolutions = from 640 x 480 up to 1920 x 1080 FHD

Features: DVI, Video, Analogue VGA, HDMI inputs, Protective glass, various touch options, IP standard housing (on some products).

Uses: Digital signage, CCTV / Security, industrial machines, advertising displays, Retail and in-store, Industrial Automation, POS, Kiosks, Medical, Transportation, ATM, Media Player.

SizePart NumberActive Width (mm)Active Height (mm)
19" WideTP-190W-001-SS408255
21.5" WideTP-215-001-SS476268
22" WideTP-220-001-SS474296
32" WideTP-320-001-SS704403
42" WideTP-420-001-SS939530
46" WideTP-460-001-SS1025579
55" WideTP-550-001-SS1213689
65" WideTP-650-001-SS1442815
70" WideTP-700-001-SS1551871
72" WideTP-720-001-SS1601903
80" WideTP-800-001-SS1773997
84" WideTP-840-001-SS18711056
85" WideTP-850-001-SS18821067



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