CDS have added even more curved monitors to their range, our full range of curved monitors from 32″ to 55″ with 4K versions included 🙂

All models available with PCAP touch.

Screen SizeActive Display Area (mm)ResolutionRadius CurvatureBrightnessContrast RatioViewing AngleOperating Temperatures
32" (VA)698.4 x 392.851920 x 1080R1800500 nits(typ.)3000:189/89/89/890~50°C
32" (VA)708.48 x 398.523840 x 2160R1800500 nits(typ.)1000:189/89/89/890~50°C
43" (IPS)941.184 x 529.4161920 x 1080R1500500 nits(typ.)1100:189/89/89/890~50°C
43" (IPS)941.184 x 529.4163840 x 2160R1500500 nits(typ.)1100:189/89/89/890~50°C
49" (IPS)1073.78 x 604.003840 x 2160R1500500 nits(typ.)1200:189/89/89/890~50°C
55" (VA)1209.60 x 680.403840 x 2160R1500400 nits(typ.)1200:189/89/89/890~50°C

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