Amazing range of industrial computers sizes from 6.5″ up to 24″ Diagonal and display resolution from 640 x 480 up to Full HD 1920 x 1080.

With our Panel PCs including Intel ® Bay Trail-M, i5, Atom and Celeron CPU we have a solution for most applications. This combined with the choice of resistive, Infra-Red (IR) and projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen means you can obtain the optimum solution for your application.

 Part NumberSizeResolutionBrightnessTouchscreenProcessor
6PPC-065-001-A6.5" 640 x 480600cd/m2ResistiveIntel ® Bay Trail-M N2930 SOC Processor 1.83G
7PPC-070-001-A7"800 x 480350cd/m2ResistiveIntel ® Bay Trail-M N2930 SOC Processor 1.83G
104PPC-104-001-A10.4"800 x 600250cd/m2PCAPIntel Processor D2550 CPU(1.86GHz)
12PPC-121-001-A12.1"800 x 600450cd/m2IRIntel Processor N270,1.6GHz Single
12-2PPC-121-002-A12.1"800 x 600450cd/m2ResistiveA20 1GHz Dual-core
15-1PPC-150-001-A15"1024 x 768400cd/m2ResistiveIntel ® Atom Processor D525 1.8GHz
15-2PPC-150-002-A15"1024 x 768400cd/m2ResistiveIntel i5-2410M 2.30 GHz
15-3PPC-150-003-A15" 1024 x 768250cd/m2N/AIntel Atom N2600 Dual core 1.6GHz
15-4PPC-150-004-A15"1024 x 768400cd/m2ResistiveIntel Atom Processor N270,1.6GHz Singl
15-5PPC-150-005-A15"1024 x 768400cd/m2ResistiveIntel Atom Processor N270,1.6GHz Singl
15-6PPC-150-006-A15"1024 x 768250cd/m2ResistiveIntel Atom Processor N270,1.6GHz Singl
17-1PPC-170-001-A17"1280 x 1024250cd/m2IRIntel Atom D525 1.8GHz
17-2PPC-170-002-A17"1280 x 1024250cd/m2IRIntel ATOM N2600 Dual core 1.6GHz 32nm
19PPC-190-001-A19"1280 x 1024250cd/m2ResistiveIntel Processor N270,1.6GHz
21-5PPC-215-001-A21.5"1920 x 1080250cd/m2PCAPIntel® Celeron®CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz
24-1PPC-240-001-A24"1920 x 1080250cd/m2IRCPU Intel i3 2120 LGA1155/3.3GHz/3M
24-2PPC-240-002-A24"1920 x 1080300cd/m2IRCPU Intel E7300 LGA775 Core Duo 2.66GHz

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