theme park 360 displays

Amazing and award winning 360° LED Video Displays from Dynascan

This range of displays include indoor and outdoor models as well as custom screens for special applications. These incredible displays are versatile and will add maximum impact in a wide variety of venues such as retail stores, airports, shopping malls, nightclubs, corporate lobbies, exhibition venues, restaurants, movie theaters and more.


  • Perfect image quality with high brightness and resolution
  • Use of spinning LEDs to created unbeatable image quality
  • Real Colour Pixel – Red, green and blue are turned on at the same spot yielding a crisp and sharp image visible from any distance
  • Ultimate Colour Uniformity
  • Custom options available
  • Versatile display offering maximum impact to any location, solution and application
  • Cylindrical display offering perfect viewing from all angles
  • Attractive, high contrast, high bright and high resolution
  • Low power consumption
  • 50% longer lifespan than usual LCD / plasma screens
  • Practical long term solutions
  • Brightest, most colour rich quality LED possible

360 led displays

Dynascan Technology Inc. is dedicated to designing and developing LED-based (Light-Emitting Diode) digital signage solutions to support clients in numerous industries. Unlike ordinary LED displays, Dynascan 360° LED Video Displays are cylindrical. This unique differentiation not only makes the displays stand out for looking astonishingly different but also make sure that the message can be clearly seen by your target audience from all viewing angles. This consequently means there is 360 degrees of usable display space and offers an attractive, high contrast, high bright, and high resolution alternative to conventional two dimensional displays.

As well as being visually appealing the displays also have no burn-in, lower power consumption, and a lifespan over 50% longer than that of plasma and LCD screens. This longevity of display life has proved LED technology to be a practical long-term solution for digital signage and these displays use the finest LEDs available to ensure the picture yields the brightest, most colour-rich quality possible.


CDS0808 LED 360 indoor display CDS0808

Indoor 360° LED Display, 1366 x 384 with 750 nits

 CDS0816 360 LED indoor display CDS0816

Indoor 360° LED Display, 1366 x 768 with 750 nits

 CDS1508 360 LED indoor display CDS1508

Indoor 360° LED Display, 864 x 512 each x 3 with 750 nits

 CDS2012 360 indoor LED displays CDS2012

Indoor 360° LED Display, 864 x 480 each x 3 with 550 nits

 CDS0706 360 LED outdoor display CDS0706

Outdoor 360° LED Display, 1092 x 304 with 5,000 nits

CDS1713 outdoor 360 LED display CDS1713

Outdoor 360° LED Display, 792 x 600 each x 3 with 5,000 nits

CDS3522 360 outdoor LED displays CDS3522

Outdoor 360° LED Display, 912 x 540 each x 3 with 7,500 nits

Pricing and drawings are all available for our high brightness 360° LED Video Displays, please ask for more details!

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