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Special Offers

Please find below a list of our overstocked items, we are offering for heavily reduced prices.

Part NumberDescriptionRRPReduced PriceQty Available
ART-150-00115" Android Retail Tablet£450£2251
G065VN01 V26.5" AUO TFT£130£652
GH515A (A12)LED Driver (LM230WF3-SLK1)£8£432
KI-0-D-LM230WF3-SLK1O Series AD Interface Kit for LM230WF3-SLK1£50£2530
LM230WF3-SLK123" LG TFT Panel (FHD)£120£6036
MO-190-002/APD19" Open Frame Monitor£195£983
MO-190-002/T/APD19" Open Frame Touch Monitor£315£1581
MO-215-001/APD21.5" Open Frame Monitor£185£932
MO-280-001-EW-50028" Ultra Wide Stretched Monitor - 500 nits£1275£6382
TP-104-IR/D10.4" IR Touchscreen£120£604
TP-150-IR/D15" IR Touchscreen£120£604
TP-270-IR/D27" IR Touchscreen£250£1259
TP-320-IR/D32" IR Touchscreen£420£2102
TP-420-IR/D42" IR Touchscreen£450£2252
TP-470-IR/D47" IR Touchscreen£650£3252


SHIPPING: £25 for UK & Ireland, International rates available upon request.

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