15.6″ IPS TFT LCD with HDMI Interface (KD156FM-1_HDMI)


One of the quickest and simplest ways to add a dynamic colour display is to select a display with a HDMI interface, with Raspberry PI, BeagleBone and a host of other SBC’s incorporating a HDMI interface into their setup, installing a display can be as simple as just plugging in a HDMI cable.

Our 15.6″ KD156FM-1_HDMI is an IPS TFT which offers an excellent optical performance, it has a high resolution of 1920(RGB) x 1080 and with its “All View” technology and ultrawide viewing angles of 85°/85/°/85°/85° the display can be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientations without the loss of image quality. A colour palette of 262K colours plus a high contrast ratio of 800:1 and a good level of brightness (220cd/m²) further enhances the displays optical performance.

The display is very compact with an outline measuring 372(H) x 232.8(V) x 13(D)mm but with a good size active area of 344.16(H) x 193.59(V)mm.  The module has a lightweight metal rear case (enclosure) which encases the TFT panel, HDMI board plus OSD setup buttons and two speakers, access to the connections is on the righthand side (screen facing upwards) which includes the HDMI port, earphones, 12VDC power and a 5VDC power (USB Connection).


  • 15.6″ TFT LCD with integrated HDMI Interface
  • IPS All View Technology
  • 1920(RGB) x 1080 Resolution
  • 262K Colour Palette
  • 220 cd/m² Brightness
  • 800:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 85°/85°/85°/85° Viewing Angles
  • Outline: 372(H) x 232.8(V) x 13(D) mm
  • Active Area: 344.16(H) x 193.59(V) mm
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.11775(H) x 0.11775(V) mm
  • 30ms Response Time
  • Power Input: 5VDC (via micro USB) or 12VDC (via Jackplug)
  • Speakers X 2
  • Earphone socket x 1
  • -20°C ~ 70°C Op.Temp
  • -30°C ~ 80°C St.Temp

Specification Download KD156FM-1_HDMI SPEC Craft Data

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