2.0″ IPS TFT (landscape), 820 cd/m2 Brightness + PCAP Touch


Our 2.0″ 480(RGB) x 360 resolution IPS TFT really stands out from its competition.

A 820 cd/m² brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio plus its “All View” IPS technology, wide viewing angles of 80°/80°/80°/80° and a 16.7M colour palette all combine to produce a superb optical performance. A Glass/Glass 5-Point PCAP touch increases the modules functionality giving designers license to produce fantastic graphical and functional user interfaces plus flexible interface options of 3-Wire SPI plus 16, 18 and 24 Bit RGB gives designers a good choice of comms.











The module measures just 54.5(H) x 47.56(V) x 4.15(D)mm but manages to pack in a resolution of 480(RGB) x 360 pixels within an active area of 40.824(H) x 30.618(V)mm.  An ultrawide operating temperature range of -30°C ~ 85°C makes the module suitable for a host of industrial, medical and auto/aero applications.


  • Part # KD020WQFPA023-C003A
  • 2.0″ IPS TFT LCD
  • 480(RGB) x 360 Resolution
  • 820 cd/m² Brightness (30khrs)
  • “All View” Viewing Direction
  • 80°/80°/80°/80° Viewing Angles
  • 16.7M Colour Palette
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Interface: 3-Wire SPI + 16/18/24 Bit RGB
  • On-Board Controller: ST7701S
  • Outline: 54.5(H) x 47.56(V) x 4.15(D)mm
  • Active Area: 40.824(H) x 30.618(V)mm
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.08505(H) x 0.08505(V)mm
  • 5-Point PCAP Touch (Glass/Glass)
  • I²C Touch Interface (FT5436)
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V
  • Input Current: 25mA nominal
  • LED Forward Voltage: 18.6V
  • LED Forward Current: 20mA
  • Operating Temp: -30°C ~ 85°C




For further information please call 01296 332000 or email paul@craftdata.co.uk