2.1″ Round TFT LCD (MLT021R40-3)


Need to upgrade your display? Need to give your product an edge over your competition? Could moving to a round colour display be the answer? We are pleased to introduce our 2.1″ 480(RGB)x480 resolution round IPS TFT LCD, which we believe provides  OEM equipment manufacturers the ideal display solution to set their product apart from their competition.











The circular display has a active area diameter of 53.28mm containing 480(RGB)x 480 pixels within a compact overall package size of 56.18 x 59.71 x 2.20mm. Its IPS technology produces wide viewing angles of 80°/80°/80°/80° with an “All View” viewing direction meaning the display can be mounted in all orientations without the loss of image quality or colour. The optical performance is further enhanced by a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a good brightness level of 250cd/m².


  • 2.1″ Transmissive Circular TFT LCD
  • 480(RGB)x480 Resolution
  • Overall dimensions: 56.18 x 59.71 x 2.20mm
  • Active Area: 53.28 x 53.28mm (∅ 53.28mm)
  • Viewing Angles: 80°/80°/80°/80°
  • Viewing Direction: All
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Brightness: 250cd/m²
  • Colour Palette: 262K
  • Interface: 18-Bit RGB + SPI
  • Supply Voltage: 2.8V
  • LED Backlight Supply Voltage: 3.0V @ 80mA

Datasheet Download MLT021R40-3 Datasheet

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