2.13″, 212×104 pixel resolution E-Paper Display

Another addition to our range of E-Paper displays is the 2.13″ 212×104 pixel resolution 1-bit module, GDEW0213T1. The display is an active matrix electrophoretic COG module with a fully integrated circuit containing gate and source buffers, a serial peripheral interface, on-chip oscillator for timing control, display RAM plus an on-chip booster for VCOM, Gate, Source and border driver voltages.

E-Paper or E-Ink displays are a brilliant alternative to reflective monochrome LCD where a superior optical performance is required in either direct sunlight or very high ambient lighting conditions due to the highly reflective nature of E-Paper displays. A 180° viewing angle on both the X and Y axis also make E-Paper displays superior to all other display technology currently available for the OEM market, this makes mounting the display in either landscape or portrait modes possible on all standard E-Paper modules.

Another key feature is their extremely low power consumption, in applications requiring only minimal display updates the E-Paper display can be put into sleep or standby modes whilst still displaying the last screen image, the displays electronics is only woken up again to update the display. The typical power consumption during the displays update is 26.4mW and in standby mode 0.0165mW enabling engineers to get the most out of any battery life.


  • Screen Size 2.13″
  • Display resolution: 212(H) x 104(V)
  • Outline dimensions: 59.2(H) x 29.2(V) x 0.98(D) mm
  • Active area: 48.55(H) x 23.71(V)
  • Module weight: 3.36 g
  • High Contrast, 8:1
  • High reflectance
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles, H: 180°, V: 180°
  • Ultra-low power consumption (display updating typically 26.4mW, sleep mode 0.0165mW)
  • Pure reflective technology
  • Bi-Stable display technology
  • Landscape and portrait use
  • Anti-glare hard coated front surface
  • On-Chip display RAM
  • Serial Peripheral interface (3 & 4 Wire SPI)
  • On-Chip oscillator
  • On-Chip booster and regulator for VCOM, Gate, Source and border voltages

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