22.0″ Wide Screen Open Frame TFT LCD Monitor

The 22.0″ Wide Screen TFT monitor is now being seen as the size of choice in the gaming and casino world. With two of the major TFT panel producers CMO and Samsung focusing on this size it ensures a strong market for this panel size. The gaming machine manufacturers are not the only group that have taken note of this panel development, kiosk manufactuers are also now seeing the benefit of the wide screen, hi-contrast, hi-resolution format over the more tradtional 4:3 aspect ratio panels.

Our TLK-22WZ open frame monitor is now being seen as the natural replacement to the current 19.0″ 4:3 aspect ratio monitors in the gaming, kiosk and industrial control markets. It offers an extremely hi-specification with the key features as follows:-

  • WSXGA Resolution (1650 x 1050 pixels).
  • Hi-Brightness (400 nits typ.).
  • Hi-Contrast ratio (1000:1)
  • Fast Response Time (5ms typ.)
  • Wide viewing angle (H:170deg / V:160deg)

The standard input for this model is analogue RGB however DVI-D and video inputs can also be provided at a small premium. The monitor also can be supplied with touch input, currently available are 3M Capacitive and General Touch SAW options both delivering excellent touch resolution and suitable for a semi rugged environment.

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