3″ Mobile Thermal Label Printer, SP-L31

Our latest mobile thermal printer from our partner Beijing Spirit is the latest addition to our extensive range of mobile thermal printers giving potential customers one of the largest choices available in the UK. The SP-L31 is classified as a 3″ printer, however it is adjustable to enable it to print on 80mm, 57mm and 44mm paper widths with a 40mm diameter making it an ideal choice for a host of multi purpose printing applications.  It is compact and measures just 105(L) x 109(W) x 51(H) so handling the smaller paper roll widths do not appear out of place plus it is lightweight, weighing only 360g (without paper roll). The printer is suitable for rugged applications and can withstand a drop onto a hard surface from a height of 1.2M plus its comms and power connections are covered by a rubber cover/bung to prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt.










The printer is able to print on both self adhesive label and standard thermal paper rolls, with a maximum speed of 80mm/sec for paper and 67mm/sec for label. It has three print width settings, 72mm (80mm paper), 48mm (57mm paper) and 37.5mm (44mm paper) with a maximum print resolution of 576 dots/line (72mm), 384 dots/line (44mm) and 300 dots/line (37.5mm), with  these resolutions the printer is able to print high quality barcodes, QR codes plus text and graphics. A USB interface and wireless Bluetooth interface give the user flexible comms which can easily be seen and setup via the built-in LCD display.  The SP-L31 is compatible with ESC/POS commands as well as the Zebra CPCL making it an ideal solution and possible replacement.











For more info please email sales@craftdata.co.uk or call 01296 332000