3″ Thermal Panel Printer, PORTI-P340

Another new addition to our printer line up is the 3″ direct thermal panel printer from our partner Woosim. The PORTI-P340 printer fits neatly into the gap between their between their 2″ and 4″ printers and completes the line up of 1″ to 4″ print widths. As with all of Woosim’s printers, close attention has been paid to keep the printer as compact and lightweight as possible which is the trademark of all of Woosim’s printers but to also have easy functionality and good design. The clamshell design makes for easy paper loading plus with an excellent specification and performance makes it ideal for a host of applications within the medical, industrial, hospitality and gaming industries.

Features –

  • Compact: 110mm x 77.7mm x 48mm
  • Lightweight: 300g
  • High Speed: 50mm/sec
  • High Resolution: 203dpi or 8dots/mm
  • 72mm Print Width
  • 576 dots/line (64 cpl)
  • UART or TTL Interface
  • Barcode printing (1-Dimension & 2-Dimension codes)
  • 9VDC input voltage
  • Low power 3.0A Max

For further information please log on to www.craftdata.co.uk/tip_the_pan.html or call us on 01494 778235 or email us at sales@craftdata.co.uk