3″ Thermal Panel Printer with Bluetooth, SP-RME5


We are pleased to introduce the multi-interface SP-RME5 3″ thermal panel printer with built-in autocutter/guillotine which gives users a wide choice of connectivity options, RS232 + USB or Parallel all including a Bluetooth wireless connection plus a Cash Drawer port.  The printer has a 72mm print width and a super fast print speed of 170mm/sec, producing high resolution (8 dots/mm), high quality, text, graphics, barcodes and QR code printouts almost instantaneously.  Unlike many other panel printers the SP-RME5 has a lockable paper cover/draw to prevent paper roll tampering/security should the printer be left un-attended for periods of time.










  • Part # SP-RME5
  • 3″ Thermal Panel Printer
  • Built-in Autocutter/Guillotine
  • 72mm Print Width
  • 576 dots/line
  • 170mm/sec Print Speed
  • 8 dots/mm (203dpi) Resolution
  • 80mm Paper Roll Width
  • 60mm Paper Roll Diameter
  • 0.06mm ~ 0.08mm Paper Thickness
  • RS232 + USB or Parallel + Bluetooth Interface Options
  • RJ-11 Cash Drawer Port
  • ASCII 12×24, 24×24 Print Fonts
  • 24VDC @ 2A Power Requirement
  • 970g Weight (without paper roll)
  • Outline Dimensions: 132 x 115 x 82.5mm
  • 0~50°C Operating Temp. Range
  • -20°C ~ 60°C Storage Temp. Range
  • White or Black Case Colours











For further information please email paul@craftdta.co.uk or call 01296 332000.