4″ Square Smart TFT Module, DMG48080C040_06WTC

We are pleased to announce an exciting addition to our embedded display range from our partner DWIN Technologies. Their 4″ square Smart TFT LCD with Capacitive touch utilizes the latest COF (chip-on-flex) technology producing an ultra-thin display.











The IPS TFT has a 480×480 resolution and offers ultra-wide viewing angles of 85/85/85/85, allowing the display to be viewing from all angles without the loss of image quality or colour.

The modules FPC(COF) includes all the necessary drive electronics plus DWIN’s own T5L0 ASIC dual-core 8051 processor which is supported by DWIN’s own T5L DGUS II development architecture. This configuration allows users to easily create their own dynamic GUI using JPEG’s, fonts and music files which are stored in the module’s 16MB FLASH memory.

The module’s 40-Way FPC brings out 12 x IO ports, 3 x UART interfaces plus speaker and brightness connections, with these flexible comms users can simply interface to their peripheral devices in a host of HMI applications.


For more detailed information please click on the following link for the full datasheet DMG48480C040_06WTC