5.0″ VGA TFT LCD kit

Our range of compact TFT LCD video and VGA kits has further been enhanced by the release of our 5.0″ VGA resolution version. The complete kit includes the 5.0″ VGA TFT, a compact VGA driver board plus OSD setup board and a mounting frame for securing the board and display together and to provide a simple mechanical mounting solution.

The TFT LCD has a built-in LED backlight providing a hi-bright 450 cd/m2 and also offers an excellent contrast ratio for such a small display of 400:1. The VGA board fits snugly behind the display and is provided with a remote mounted 6 button OSD menu board which allows the user to adjust the display’s image quality etc. The VGA board is powered by a single 12 VDC supply which in-turn provides the voltage for the display including the LED backlight.

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