5.50″ 256×64 OLED for Auto/Aero applications


Another display within our OLED range that will happily cope with challenges of the auto/aero industries is our 5.5″ 256×64 graphic OLED. With OLED’s superior optical performance over the standard STN LCD and an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -40°C ~ 85°C, OLED is ideally suited to a hostile/rugged environment associated with these markets. The ultra wide viewing angles of 180° on both the X and Y axis plus the free viewing direction allows for the module to be mounted in both landscape (default) and portrait without the loss of image quality. The display’s onboard controller/driver IC (SSD1322) offers flexible interfacing via 8-Bit parallel (68XX, 80XX), 3 wire SPI and 4 wire SPI making it ideal for today’s diverse applications.







  • 5.50″
  • 256×54 resolution
  • Green OLED colour (Yellow & White also available)
  • Outline (mm): 146.0 x 45.0 x 2.0
  • Active Area (mm): 135.65 x 33.89
  • Pixel Pitch (mm): 0.50 x 0.50
  • Duty: 1/64
  • On-Board IC: SSD1322
  • 8-Parallel, 3W SPI & 4W SPI interface options
  • -40°C ~ 85°C Operating temperature range
  • 10’000:1 contrast ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Free viewing direction
  • 180° viewing angles on all axis
  • 120 cd/m² maximum brightness (80 cd/m² typical)
  • 70khrs lifetime (55 cd/m² brightness)

Specification download: PG25664CG

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