5.7″ VGA TFT LCD with LVDS Interface

The 5.7″ LCD size has long been the key size for displays in the industrial product market, traditionally the QVGA version can be found in a host of applications from data-loggers to cash machines to medical monitors etc. and pretty much all had to have a separate dedicated controller to interface to this TTL panel. This was either as an IC added to the applications mother/driver board or as a dedicated display driver board.

With the introduction of the 5.7″ VGA version a few years back customers still had the challenge to interface to these TTL panels, larger panels 6.4″ and upwards were now being produced with the industry standard LVDS interface which made driving them from an embedded or single board PC relatively easy. The demand from 5.7″ customers looking to make the jump from QVGA to full VGA is as strong as ever and now we have a 5.7″ VGA TFT with an LVDS interface which we hope will enable them to make the transition easier by using off the shelf embedded or single board PCs for their applications.

The panel has a white LED backlight and is available both with and without 4-wire resistive touch. Brief technical points are as follows:-

  • Screen Size: 5.7″
  • Display Resolution: 640 (H) x 480 (V)
  • Active Area: 115.20 (H) x 86.40 (V) mm
  • Outline Dimension: 144.0 (H) x 104.6 (V) x 14.3 (T) mm
  • Pixel Size: 181.5 x 181.5 um
  • Viewing Direction: 12H
  • Input Interface: LVDS (6bits/colour)
  • Operating Temp.: -10 to +60 degC.
  • Brightness: 360cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio: 500:1 typical
  • Viewing Angle: 130deg (H) , 115deg (V)

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