5.7″ VGA UART TFT LCD with CPU (DMG64480T057_01WTC)


For those of us that are old enough to have been around the displays industry for more years than we care to remember will certainly remember the 5.7″ size, originally QVGA then the VGA. The 5.7″ was the defacto size for a host of industrial OEM products!

Over time its popularity dwindled, whilst it never went EOL, the introduction of higher resolution displays and the desire for the wide 16:9 format over the old fashioned 4:3 aspect ratio saw its use in industrial OEM products drastically drop.

Its now back in a slightly different guise as part of our partner DWIN’s UART Smart display range. Now incorporating a 8051 dual-core CPU, a 640(RGB) x 480 resolution, capacitive and resistive touch options, a 450 nit brightness and ultra wide IPS viewing angles of 85/85/85/85 it can once again challenge for dominance within the industrial product market.

DWIN’s smart display range has its own powerful development architecture, DGUS (DWIN Graphic Utilized Software). This is a cost-effective GUI software platform developed by DWIN Technology. Based on the K600+ Kernel hardware platform, GUI design, combined with a simple command interface, can be achieved quickly, eliminating the need for complicated programming and expensive development environments.


  • 5.7″ IPS TFT LCD
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 640(RGB) x 480 Resolution
  • 85°/85°/85°/85° Viewing Angles
  • 450 nit Brightness (30khrs)
  • 262K Colours (18 Bit RGB)
  • T5L0 8051 Dual-Core Processor (inc. 1MB NOR Flash)
  • 16MB FLASH Memory (Fonts, images & audio files)
  • Extended Memory Option 1: 64MB of  NOR FLASH
  • Extended Memory Option 2: 48MB of NOR FLASH + 512MB NAND FLASH
  • AA: 115.20(H) x 86.40(V)mm
  • OD: 144.8(H) x 110.2(V) x 13.2(D)mm
  • Interface 1: UART2 (TTL/CMOS or RS232)
  • Interface 2: UART4 (TTL/CMOS or RS232)
  • 6V~ 36V Operating Voltage (240mA Max)
  • -20°C ~ 70°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Compliant to Electrostatic Discharge Test GB/T 17626.2-2018
  • Compliant to Electrical Fast Transient Test GB/T 17626.4-2018
  • Medical Grade Display Technology
  • Conformal Coating

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