5.8″, 800(RGB) x 320 Resolution Letterbox Format TFT LCD

The S058IWV01HSO TFT LCD module from our partner CDTECH is a 5.8″ letterbox or stretch style display, this format is becoming increasing popular within the industrial product markets with engineers and designer looking to this format when transitioning from a mono to colour display.  This S058IWV01HSO would seem to be an ideal replacement to the old monochrome STN 240 x 64 COB displays and will happily fit within a 2U rack height and with its wide operating temperature of -30°C ~ 85°C firmly marks this 5.8″ panel down as an industrial grade display option suitable for both aerospace and automotive applications .









The display has an overall dimension of 154.4 x 63.34 x 3.7mm with an active area of 137.52 x 51.44mm and resolution of 800 x 320 dots arranged in an RGB vertical stripe.  The display is a 12H viewing direction panel with viewing angles of top: 70°, bottom: 75°, left: 75° and right: 75°, a high brightness LED backlight gives the panel a 500 cd/m² brightness and coupling this with a high contrast ratio of 600:1 an excellent optical performance is achieved.  The display incorporates the Himax HX8264 + HX8678 driver ICs and has a 60-pin 24 bit RGB interface. The display can be supplied both with and without a Projected Capacitive Touch including the GT5668 diver IC.

S058IWV01HSO Datasheet

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