5″ IPS TFT with CTP & USB TYPE-C Interface


New USB TYPE C Displays help make the integration into your design quick, easy and hassle free. A single cable/connection for your display data (video), touch data & power! According to industry commentators, the TYPE C display interface could well replace HDMI as the go to display interface within the embedded systems market over the next year or so.










Our 5.0″ (KD050HDFIA020-06-C020E-SP003A-TYPEC) 720(RGB) x 1280 resolution IPS TFT LCD with an optically bonded capacitive touch uses this latest TYPE C interface. The display’s IPS technology offers wide viewing angles of 80/80/80/80 without a prefixed viewing direction meaning the display can be used in both portrait (default) and landscape orientations without the loss of image quality. The module supports a 420nit brightness, an 800:1 contrast ratio plus a 16.7M colour palette with a 63% colour gamut all combining to produce an excellent optical performance. The 720 x 1280 resolution is packed into an active area of 62.10(H) x 110.40(V)mm with the module measuring just 67.56(H) x 122.35(V) x 15.35(D)mm.


  • 5.0″ IPS TFT LCD
  • Optically Bonded Capacitive Touch
  • USB Type-C Interface
  • 720(RGB) x 1920 Resolution
  • 420 cd/m² Brightness
  • 800:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 63% Colour Gamut
  • 16.7M Colour Palette
  • OD: 67.56(H) x 122.35(V) x 15.35(D)mm
  • AA: 62.10(H) x 110.4(V)mm
  • 80°/80°/80°/80° Viewing Angles
  • “All View” Viewing Direction
  • -20°C ~ +70°C Operating Temp. Range
  • -30°C ~ +80°C Storage Temp. Range
  • 5VDC @ 40mA Input Voltage (from USB Port)

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