8.0″ 1600(RGB)x480 Bar TFT, KD080FM-8


Our range of bar type TFT displays is constantly evolving and expanding as OEM product designers require colourful dynamic displays to fit those awkward spaces. By using a bar type or stretch display it is no longer necessary to squeeze in a so called “industry standard” size and format which in many instances is a compromise to what the marketeers, product designers and ultimately the user really requires.

Our latest addition is our 8″ IPS TFT with a high 1600(RGB) x 480 resolution within an active area of 194.4(H) x 58.32(V)mm, wide viewing angles of 80/80/80/80 and no pre-fixed viewing direction meaning the display can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations without the loss of image quality. Its optical performance is further enhanced by a 425nit brightness, a 900:1 contrast ratio and a 16.7M colour palette. The display’s LVDS interface is ideal for connecting to a host of todays single board PC’s. The module has outline dimensions of 208.0(H) x 73.0(V) x 6.86(D)mm.

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