8.9″ 480(RGB)x1920 Bar Type TFT + HDMI

With more OEM products needing a colour display to convey messages to their users, product designers are being asked to come up with more dynamic graphical user interfaces. Our bar type or stretch displays enable the addition of these types of displays even for the most awkward of spaces.

Our 8.9″ TFT with its high resolution of 480(RGB) x 1920 pixels and a 16.7M full colour palette allows designers to introduce a colourful, dynamic GUI into their products. The display is an IPS technology type with ultra-wide viewing angles of 80°/80°/80°/80° and features a high brightness of 1100 cd/m² brightness making it an ideal display solution for a host of indoor and outdoor applications.

To enable the display to be quickly integrated into your application it features the increasingly popular HDMI interface which can simply connect to a host of single board PCs (Raspberry PI & Arduino etc.)  To further simplify the installation power for the display can be taken from a spare micro USB port negating the need for an extra power supply within your setup. Physically the display measures 64.10(H) x 231.20(V) x 10.73(D)mm and has an active area of 54.72(H) x 218.88(V)mm.

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