Interface Cards

TFT Controllers act as an interface between LCD TFT Display and a PC or computer system. They are adjusting signals of the computer to the connected LCD TFT Display and are offering various other features.


At CDS we offer our own range of high quality boards.

For our boards we offer:

  • Longterm availability
  • Product Stability
  • Full technical support
  • Compatibility of successor products
  • Constant R&D
  • Attractive pricing to suit your needs


Current Boards:

Product Name Overview
N-series Cost effective board, designed for panels up to 15″ diagonal. RGB and video input.
G- series Similar to the M-Series but only drives up to WSXGA / UXGA. RGB and DVI input.
M- series Fully loaded, capable of full HD with a range of inputs, including HDMI and component video
USB Controller We now have a wide range of USB controllers to suit your needs.