Newly Launched CDS Digital Signage Brochure 2019

Our digital signage range is ever-growing and is constantly being updated with the most impressive solutions in the market with improved technology such as the new battery freestanding poster display which lasts 12 hours!

Take a look at our latest brochure to check out the most high quality and innovative technology available right now!

Contents of our new 2019 Digital Signage Brochure; brochure image

  • Android advertising displays
  • Android freestanding digital posters
  • Network digital menu boards
  • Professional monitors
  • 4K large format displays
  • LCD video wall displays
  • High brightness monitors
  • Ultra-high brightness monitors
  • Digital rod displays
  • Hanging double-sided displays
  • Double-sided displays
  • Hanging window displays
  • Outdoor digital posters
  • Battery displays
  • Digital android battery a-boards
  • PCAP touchscreens
  • PCAP touch screen kiosks
  • Infrared freestanding touch screen posters
  • POS android advertising displays
  • Ultra-wide stretched displays
  • LCD shelf edge displays
  • Media players
  • Digital signage software

CDS digital signage brochure

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