Newly launched rod mounted screens which are ideal for estate agents but also very fitting for many other applications.

With no mains cable required you can create a sleek and modern install and finish with no cabling giving a clean and seamless look.

digital rod display

Key Features:

  • 15” Rod Powered Displays
  • Full Rod Kit Provided to power 3x Screens which includes, up to 3m Rods, floor and ceiling fixings, power transformer and connectors
  • Sunlight readable 1,000 cdm2 LCD IPS commercial Panel
  • Attractive Illuminated LED Frame
  • Free Rear Graphics Pocket to really maximise your client’s space – you can add printed graphics here (can be removed)
  • Plug and Play out of the box with android media player
  • Network upgradeable with synchronisation functionality
  • Designed for 24/7 using commercial grade components

Please see the full spec as below;


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