BC1601DYPLJB$ (Excess Stock)

We currently have excess stock of 200pcs of the Bolymin BC1601DYPLJB$ LED backlit LCD which we can offer at a good price to clear inventory. The specification of the LCD is as follows:-

  • Overall module size: 122mm x 33mm x 14.1mm
  • Character Size 4.84mm x 9.7mm
  • COB Technology
  • Transflective STN Yellow/Green Positive
  • Yellow/Green LED Backlight
  • Built-in controller KS0066 or equivalent
  • English/Japanese font
  • 0~50 degC operating temp.
  • +5V single power supply

For more detailed information and pricing please do not hesitate to call us on 01494 778235 or drop us an email at sales@craftdata.co.uk