Bolymin OLED

New from our LCD supplier Bolymin comes a growing range of OLEDs to complement their already comprehensive range of LCD. Previously limited to only a couple of OLED panels Bolymin have now moved into this area of the display market with vigour and now boast a range comprising of 15 different panels from 96×32 pixels to 256×64 pixels. Whilst the current OLED panels are still relatively small in size Bolymin do not see this as a disadvantage as the demand for small compact displays for handheld instruments, portable gaming machines and personal MP3 players is huge and still growing.

We have seen the OLED market in the UK stutter and almost grind to a halt as the OLED manufacturers have either stopped producing panel completely or have started to look for large volume customers only bypassing the bulk of customers that distributors worldwide like us generally service. Bolymin realise that the only way for OLED to be accepted as a viable alternative to LCD is to handle all business large or small so overall worldwide volumes increase and development engineers are no longer wary of this wonderful new display technology.

For further information on Bolymins range of OLED or if you have a specific display enquiry and would like to see if OLED is all that it promises please navigate your way to the contact page and leave your details, alternatively send an email to or call us on 01494 778235.