CDS E-Paper Electronic Shelf Edge Ticketing

Flexible tickets available in several sizes, monochrome and colour, they offer paper-like readability under all store lighting conditions.

With extremely low power consumption and very wide viewing angles they offer retailers the ability to wirelessly update content on shelving signage quickly and efficiently, without the need to print paper tags and deploy store representatives to change them manually.

In addition they also offer retailers the ability to update pricing as often as they need (dynamic pricing).

They can also implement in-store promotional pricing that matches their on-line channels, respond to their customer traffic patterns in real-time and reduce wastage through seamless promotional pricing changes for perishable goods.

The tickets can not only be used to update pricing but also to display promotions, competitor pricing, social reviews, product ingredients, source of origin, automated currency conversion, inventory levels, and much much more.

4 p 9 flexible panel

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