Character & Graphic OLED from Optima

From our partner Optima Opto Co. Ltd comes a range of monochrome character and graphic passive OLED displays designed for the industrial market sector where long product life is key.

Character modules available in 16×2, 20×2 and 20×4 formats which graphic modules from 128×64 dots (2.42″ diagonal) to 256×64 dots (5.5″ diagonal).

Optima OLED Advantages
· Long Life, 60khrs (Yellow OLED up to 200khrs)
· Emissive technology, no backlight required
· Superb reliability, mura (colour and brightness) defects solved!
· High Contrast (10,000:1)
· High Brightness (80cd/m² ~ 150cd/m²)
· Ultra wide viewing angles (175° on all axis)
· Wide operating temperature (-40°C to +85°C)
· Fast response time (<10µs)
· Parallel (6800,8080), I²C & SPI interface options
· Easy brightness adjustment
· Extremely thin modules 0.2~0.5cm
· STN LCD hardware and software compatible
· OLED Colours available, Yellow, Green, Blue, White & Red
· Single 3V or 5V input voltage
· Superb optical characteristics, even in direct sunlight








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