Character VATN LCD

New from our partner Optima comes one of the latest developments in LCD technology, “VATN”. Standing for Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic, the technology has been around for several years but it was only ever seen in custom designed icon and seven segment type displays, the introduction of character or alphanumeric modules is a great step forward.

What is VATN Technology?

A Vertical Alignment  LCD display is an LCD technology where the liquid crystals align vertically when the voltage is zero, this creates a truly black background to the display. When a voltage is applied the crystals change alignment and rotate to allow light to pass through, the greater angle of rotation the more light is allowed to pass through. 


  • Wider viewing angles than TN/STN/FSTN, 90°
  • Contrast Ratio, 150:1
  • Operating Temperature, -30°C ~ +80°C
  • Negative type displays with a solid black background (no backlight bleed)
  • Optical performance is close to OLED but a third of the cost
  • LED Backlight colours white, yellow, green, blue & red
  • Power consumption, typically 50mA
  • Industry standard 16×2 & 20×2 character formats
  • Lifetime, 40khrs ~ 50 khrs

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