USB Minimon TFT Displays

Mirror or extend your desktop and provide Multi Monitor Systems with minimal effort.

Crystal Display Systems USB 2.0 MINIMON Monitor Sets are an innovative, easy way to
integrate USB Bus powered price competitive solution for portable Em-
bedded-, Point of Sales (POS), Digital Signage- and other monitor designs.
Multiple monitors can be connected through a single USB cable to one PC
without additional Graphics cards, based on DisplayLink DL 1×5 Chip Series.
MINIMONs are enabling slim, light weight and low power TFT monitor
solutions. Available from 5″ up to 10.1″ size with brightness 200 cd/m² up
to 1000 cd/m². Two USB downstream ports to connect other USB devices
such as audio, camera, mouse, keyboard etc allow to develop a multi-
functional monitor.
Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) or analogue resistive Touch optional.
Developed for mid / high volume projects (MOQ depending on model 300 –
1000 pieces) requiring best price / performance relation.
USB 3.0 versions coming up in Q2 2014.

USB MiniMon TFT displays can be connected directly via USB interface to a PC or Notebook without the need of an additional graphics card. The MiniMon series is based upon our advanced TFT controller board, which provides a DisplayLink USB graphics interface (UGA), an LED driver and a touch controller. At displays up to 7 inch size it can work as a USB-powered device and needs no external power supply.

These are ideal solutions for companies needing additional monitors that can be simply driven via the USB port on the PC with little redesign needed. Additional Displays could be built in or on a cable or umbilical cables for additional viewers / customers or patients to see.


  • Supported drivers for Linux and Mac
  • Easy way of adding an extra display to an existing design
  • Automatically configures for optimum visual quality
  • No extra graphics card needed
  • Touch screen options are available

Applications include:
• Customer display on Point Of Sale till systems
• Service display on many machines including ATMs, Kiosks and Gaming machines.
• Patient viewing monitor for medical machines and monitors
• Diagnostics display for service / engineering applications
• Plus many other increasing applications.

Display UsedSizeResolutionBrightnessView AngleOperating TempSize mmTouchNotesMOQ
TBA10,1″1024×600100010/45/65/650 -50235,0×149,52×12,9no500
TBA10,1″1280×80035085/85/85/850 -50216,96×149,1×9,3noIPS200
TBA10,1″1024×60020015/35/45/450 -50235,0×143,0x12,0no1000
TBA5,0″800×48025050/70/70/70-20 -70120,70×75,80×3.16,8no500
TBA5,0″800×48060050/70/70/70-20 -70120,70×75,80×3.16,8no500
TBA5,0″800×48031060/70/70/70-20 -70118,5×77,55×10,2no300
TBA5,0″800×48025060/70/70/70-20 -70118,5×77,55×11,34-wire300
TBA6,95″1280×80035089/89/89/89-10 -50161,0×107,0x9,3noIPS500
TBA7,0″1024×60023070/74/75/75-20 -70165,72×105,39×9,6no500
TBA7,0″800×48035060/70/70/70-20 -70165,0×104,44×12,0no100
TBA7,0″800×48030060/70/70/70-20 -70165,0×104,44×13,394-wire1000
TBA7,0″800×48030060/70/70/70-20 -70165,0×104,44×13,394-wire100
TBA7,0″800×48050055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×18,3no300
TBA7,0″800×48040055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×16,8no300
TBA7,0″800×48050055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×16,8no300
TBA7,0″800×48040055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×18,34-wire300
TBA7,0″800×480100055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×16,8no300
TBA7,0″800×48080055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×18,34-wire300
TBA7,0″800×48090055/65/65/65-20 -70166,6×109,4×17,95P-CAP300
TBA7,0″800×48025050/70/70/70-20 -70164,9×100,0x12,5no300
TBA7,0″800×48035085/85/85/85-20 -70166,6×107,0x16,8noMVA1000
TBA8,0″800×48045050/70/70/70-30 -85192,8×116,9×13,2no1000
TBA8,0″1024×76825075/75/75/75-10 -50183,0×141,0x10,2no1000
TBA8,0″800×48045050/70/70/70-20 -70192,8×116,9×13,2no300
TBA8,0″800×48035050/70/70/70-20 -70192,8×116,9×14,654-wire300
TBA8,0″800×60025050/70/70/70-20 -70183,0×141,0x12,4no300
TBA8,0″800×60019050/70/70/70-20 -70183,0×141,0x13,94-wire300
TBA9,0″800×48025050/70/70/70-20 -70211,1×126,5×12,7no300
TBA9,0″800×48020050/70/70/70-20 -70211,1×126,5×14,2no300

The firmware / bios has already been written for the displays where the rows are highlighted in yellow.
If you need a display which is not highlighted, there will be an initial NRE chargeof £500 to write the bios.

Please note the MOQ column highlighted in blue relates to minimum production order after sample approval.

Product Images

Example of 4.3″ MinimonExample of 5″ Minimon with Touch

For more information or to discuss your requirement, please contact us.

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