Contactless E-Button for Elevator (lift) Car Controls


The next development for our partner GTT’s UNTACT contactless touch technology is contactless elevator (lift) controls or E-Buttons. Using the same technology and concept GTT are now developing elevator controls that allow the user to operate the lift car without having to touch the buttons. With COVID-19 set to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future anything we can do to limit the chance of cross contamination is a must.









The contactless E-Button is used in conjunction with the existing push buttons meaning the E-Button can be easily retro-fitted into existing installations with very little hardware modification and with GTT’s button mapping APP traditional push button controls can be updated to the latest contactless system in a short space of time. GTT’s E-Button system can co-exist with the existing push buttons so users can use either technology to operate the elevator/lift car.

The E-Button consists of two infrared sensor bars which are mounted either side of the existing push buttons and a small PCB interface which connects to the lift car controls and the E-Button sensors.







Specification of IR sensor Bars

  • Technology: Infrared
  • Object detection ability: >5mm, hands, gloved hands, artificial hands, any object that blocks infrared transmission.
  • Operating voltage: 5VDC (USB)
  • Power consumption: Sensor bars: 2.5W (max), 500mA @ 5VDC
  • Communication: RS232C (19200 bps, 8bit)
  • Ambient temperature: Operating = 0°C ~ 55°C, Storage = -25°C ~ 85°C
  • Ambient humidity: Operating = 10~90%, Storage = 10~90%
  • ESD: EN61000-4-2:1995+A:1998+A2:2000 (Test Method), Air Discharge ±8KV, Contact Discharge ±4KV
  • Measurement method: Pulsed Infrared rays, software based ambient light filter
  • Response time: <30msec
  • Certification:  KCC, CE, FCC


E-Button 436 – Sensor bar height : 436mm  – Active touch area: 356mm x 201.5mm (in production)

E-Button 611 – Sensor bar height: 611mm – Active touch area: 531.6mm x 201.5mm (in planning)

E-Button 700 – Sensor bar height: 700mm – Active touch area: 620mm x 201.5mm (in planning)

E-Button 818 – Sensor bar height: 818mm – Active touch area: 730mm x 201.5mm (in planning)

For further information please contact the sales team on 01296 332000, email or complete the online enquiry form.