Digiwise TFT LCD with Built-in HDMI Interface

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of TFT LCD displays with a built-in HDMI interface.


With HDMI fast becoming the display interface of choice for many of today’s OEM designers and engineers, possibly due to the popularity of Raspberry PI, Arduino and a host of other single board PCs, our long-term display partner Digiwise Asia have developed a high performance range of TFT LCD modules that could save you time and money on your hardware design and reduce your time to market.










There are currently 9 display sizes within the range starting at a 4.3” 800×480 WVGA resolution display through to a 21.5” 1920×1080 full HD version, other panels within the range are 5.0”, 7.0”, 8.0” 10.1” 11.6” 13.3” and 15.6” sizes. All models use IPS glass so feature ultrawide viewing angles of (L/R/U/D) 80°/80°/80°/80° and have no factory set viewing direction meaning the panels can be mounted in both landscape (default) and portrait orientations without the loss of colour or image quality. High contrast ratios across the whole range typically 1000:1 further enhance the panels optical performance plus coupling this with long life, high brightness LED backlights with a typical brightness in the region of 1000cd/m² the displays are able to perform extremely well in full sunlight viewing applications. All models can be supplied with a factory fitted multi-touch Projected Capacitive Touch sensor with flexible comms via an I²C or USB interface giving users all the features associated with the latest smartphones, plus 4 or 5 wire resistive touch options are also available on some models.











A single 5VDC or 12VDC (module dependent) power supply drives both the display and the LED backlight (default brightness), however if required the backlight can be adjusted via a separate connector on the display’s PCB should a PWM dimming function be required. A standard operating temperature range of -20°C ~ +70°C makes the displays suitable for a host of industrial and medical applications, plus three models, the 4.3”, 5.0” and 15.6” sizes have an operating range of -30°C~+80°C making them highly desirable for the demanding auto/aero markets.


For further information please email sales@craftdata.co.uk or call 01296 3320000.