Dual LCD Touch Screen Monitor

One of our principals has developed a dual LCD touch screen monitor with a single base. One screen is directly mounted above the base as per a normal touch monitor. The second screen (without touch), can be set to the left, right, above or the reverse of screen one i.e. with the rear side facing the rear of monitor one and facing outwards to a possible second user or viewer. Screen two is attached to a pivoting mounting arm with a large a 210 degree turning arc.

There are currently two sizes available, a 17.0″ (x2) and a 19.0″ (x2), features common to both are as follows:-

  • Tilt angle – right/left 210 deg.
  • Resolution: 1280×1024 / 2560 x 1024
  • Viewing Angles: U/D = 80/80, L/R= 80/80
  • Brightness: 17.0″= 300 nits, 19.0″= 450 nits
  • Contrast Ratio: 17.0″= 400:1, 19.0″= 800:1
  • Touch Overlay: 5 Wire Resistive Touch

In use the screens can display the same picture on both screen one and two, different images i.e. user information on screen one and advertisements or video feeds on screen two (facing the customer), an edited version of screen one can also be shown on screen two if certain information is needed but other information is not, screen one can also have a PIP of what is being shown on screen two. The operator of screen one (touch version) can select the information shown on screen two which is facing the customer (wow that was difficult to explain).

When we were first approached to market this monitor here in the UK we were unsure of the potential users and markets however the more you think about the product you can clearly see the advantages for use in certain applications. Around the world success has been agained in banking, hospitality, point or purchase & point of sale markets.>/p>

For further information please contact us at sales@craftdata.co.uk or call Fred Tagg on 01494 778235