E-Paper Displays no Longer just for E-Readers

We are pleased to introduce the latest 1.54”, 200×200 resolution E-Paper display, GDP015WG1.  The display is a TFT active matrix Electrophoretic panel and includes an integrated COG circuit containing the gate buffer, source buffer, drivers, 3 or 4 wire SPI interface, display RAM, plus an on-chip oscillator and voltage booster for generating VCOM, gate and source driving voltages.  The display is a purely reflective panel and offers a superb performance in both indoor and outdoor lighting environments due to its high reflectance. E-Paper also boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle of 180° making the panel suitable for both landscape and portrait viewing options. One of the major benefits of an E-Paper display is the ultra-low power consumption, the typical value when the display is being updated is 26mW (8mA) however in standby mode this drops to 0.016mW (5µA) with the screen image still retained. The overall module size is 31.8(H)x37.32(V)x1.05(D)mm with an active area of 27.6(H)x27.6(H)mm.


  • High Contrast
  • High Reflectance
  • Ultra-Wide viewing angle
  • Ultra-low power
  • Pure reflective technology
  • Bi-Stable
  • Landscape & portrait orientation
  • Anti-glare hard-coated front surface
  • Extremely low current consumption in deep sleep mode
  • On-Chip display RAM
  • Waveform stored in On-Chip OTP
  • 3 or 4 wire serial peripheral interface
  • On-Chip oscillator
  • On-Chip booster and regulator control for VCOM, Gate and Source driving voltages

For further information please call 01296 332000 or email sales@craftdata.co.uk

GDP015WG1 x 3