Electro Luminescent Signs

Dscn0164Electro Luminescent material or EL is a lightweight, flexible material that was the first mass produced backlighting medium used for liquid crystal display modules. A steady development of this versatile material has seen this technology improve over time to become widely used within the advertising and public signage markets.

All our signs are custom designed, we can produce just a single sign or many signs for multiple installations. Signs are accurately produced from your artwork with colours being matched so that your sign works effectively in both its on and off states. Typically signs are produced with different areas being illuminated in sequence as this technique produces very effective, eye catching presentations. EL offers a high brightness, uniform performance in all lighting conditions, from bright artificial light to low level lighting as well as producing very penetrative illumination in poor visibility conditions such as fog and smoke making it ideal for emergency signage.

Signs can be produced for both indoor and outdoor environments up to a maximum size of 1200mm x 2200mm with most shapes being possible, outdoor signs are waterproof, UV safe (they won’t fade in direct sunlight) and will operate down at -30°C and up at +70°C. EL signs cost very little to run, drawing just 0.25mA/cm², they are also considered a cold light source as they produce no detectable heat output during operation and no UV radiation.  EL is an extremely reliable technology that will not catastrophically fail like some technologies, it is made up of millions of microscopic crystals that will uniformly fade over its lifetime, typically the lifetime is specified as 20’000 hours until half brightness when it is deemed at the end of its usable life, however this does depend on the brightness and the frequency of the animation.

The thickness of the sign is generally 0.35mm with an A4 sign weighing no more than 130g, the signs can be mounted on both flat or curved surfaces with simple double sided tape or velcro, traditional invasive screws or nuts and bolts are not necessary. Small signs are generally run on batteries however larger signs or signs that will possibly be required to run for a long period of time unattended a mains powered version would be recommended, our factory will recommend the best option for you.

For further information on how EL Signs could help you to bring the public’s attention to your product or business please do not hesitate to contact us on 01296 332000 or send an email to sales@craftdata.co.uk