Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Coming soon! Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s) or Digital Price Tags.






Whilst this concept is not new advances in the electronic paper (E-Paper) technology have now once again brought electronic shelf labels or digital price tags to the forefront of discussions within the retail technology market place.  The UK has been relatively slow in the up take of this technology however in other parts of Europe and the Far East the benefits of these systems has been taken onboard which has seen a rise in their usage amongst medium to large retailers.




Just like the current labels used in all supermarkets and high street retailers the new ESL do not require any cabling for power or communication, each tag is battery powered giving up to a 5 year life, based on 4 label updates per day. As with all e-paper displays power is only needed when updating the ESL, once they have been programmed power is switched off but the programmed image remains indefinitely. Each label has a unique identification code and is equipped with a Bluetooth interface, the individual label can then be updated wirelessly from the stores database. Changes can be made to prices, messages added plus sale start and end dates can be pre-loaded days or weeks in advance saving countless man hours in manually changing each label within the store.











Each ESL system can consist of 1000’s of labels of differing sizes, with the smallest label being just 1.54″ with a resolution of 152×152 and currently the largest at 13.3″ with a 960×680 resolution.  ESL’s can be used in all areas of the shop from fresh produce sections to store cupboard produce and even in wet areas like a fresh fish counter by adding an IP67 waterproof case.

For further information on the coming release of this product please check back with the website (news section) from time to time or for release and technical information please email sales@craftdata.co.uk or call us on 01296 332000.