Embedded TFT Display Solutions from Powertip

We are pleased to bring to the UK display market a range of embedded TFT LCD display solutions from our Liquid Crystal Display partner of over 20 years, Powertip. Currently Powertip’s main focus has been on the 7.0” TFT LCD size which up to this point has been the defacto standard for many HMI applications, however 3.5”, 4.3” and 9.7” sizes are soon to be released.
When considering your next display application some of the key points in favour of going down the embedded solution route over sourcing multiple components from different suppliers are that the embedded solution offers no compatibility issues between the display and board, it is a single component in your bill of materials. This display + board solution drastically reduces your product development costs and possibly more importantly your development time, your time to market can be considerably reduced. Another key factor is the long term availability, components including the TFT LCD can be swapped should it become necessary however as a customer you will see a seamless transition of the new component within the embedded system which greatly reduces the risk of product obsolescence.

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Powertip’s embedded board utilises the ARM926EJ-S 400MHz RISC Processor, which with its full Windows CE and Linux operating system support is fast becoming the world wide industry standard CPU for embedded applications. The board incorporates 64MB of on board RAM and 128MB of ROM plus there is also provision for a further 32GB of memory via a Micro SD Card slot. Audio is supported by the Realtek AC97 IC plus excellent communication flexibility is provided via three RS232 ports plus and one USB 2.0 port for connection to external peripheral devices. The board also features a USB1.1 host port plus an IEEE 802.3af Ethernet connection. To further speed up your development and integration time the board comes preloaded with either a Windows CE 6.0R3 or a Linux 3.4.98 operating system. The paired TFT LCD is Powertip’s own 7.0” 800×480 resolution panel and is supplied with either a 4-wire resistive touch sensor or a multi-touch projected capacitive sensor including cover lens. The panel offers a good optical performance with a brightness level of 250cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 250:1 with horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 140° L/R and 120° T/B. The power input source is also very flexible at 7~24VDC and with an operating temperature range of -10~60°C makes our embedded solution ideal for a host of applications within the industrial, medical and auto/aero markets.

The compact mechanical design of our systems allows for easy integration into your bespoke application, with the TFT panel and embedded board secured to a lightweight metal frame making the package no bigger than the footprint of the 7” TFT LCD. The dimensions of the 4-Wire restive version are just 167.6 x 104.0 x 30.0mm with the projected capacitive version marginally bigger due to the addition of the touch cover lens at just 192.96 x 109.03 x 30.0mm.

P05D00024-02 (4-Wire RTP, WinCE) P05D00024-02 Datasheet

P05D00024-03 (PCT, WinCE) P05D00024-03 Datasheet

P05D00024-04 (4-Wire RTP, Linux) P05D00024-04 Datasheet

P05D00024-05 (PCT, Linux) P05D00024-05 Datasheet

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