Flexible 1.73″ E-Paper Display

Lighter, more rugged displays

For an end customer, a flexible display has several benefits outside of the flexibility of the display itself. Plastic-based displays allow the end product to be substantially lighter and thinner than products using glass-based displays. In addition, glass-based displays can be fragile; the use of plastic-based displays can result in a more rugged end product with less breakage in the electronics due to drops or stress tension.

We are pleased to offer the 1.73″ GDEP017WG1 QVGA (240×320) resolution flexible, reflective Electrophoretic (E-Paper) display module.  The glass construction associated other display technologies has been replaced by a flexible plastic allowing the display to be bent or shaped around a curve. This highly reflective display technology offers a high level of contrast in high ambient lighting conditions plus with it’s ultra wide viewing angles of 180° on both X and Y axis the display can be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientation without the loss of image quality. The 1.73″ E-Paper module is capable of displaying up 16 levels of greyscale depending on the controller used, allowing for the creation of highly detailed crisp screen images.  As with all E-Paper displays, the power can be switched off to the module whilst still showing the screen image and only needing to be switched on again when the screen is updated resulting in extremely low power consumption further confirming E-Paper as a truly green display technology.


  • 1.73″, 240×320 QVGA Display
  • Plastic construction, No Glass!
  • High reflectance
  • Ultra wide viewing angle, 180° on X and Y axis
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Bi-Stable technology (retains screen image even with no voltage applied)
  • Hard coated front surface to prevent scratching
  • Module size (mm): 32.2(H) x 43.51(V) x 0.542(D)
  • Active area (mm): 27.0(H) x 34.56(V)

For further information please call 01296 332000 or email us at sales@craftdata.co.uk

1-73inch e-paper