Hi-Brightness TFT LCD

With more and more applications requiring a display to be viewed in either direct sunlight or very high ambient light conditions standard brightness displays of 250~350 nits are just not bright enough and will just wash out. Here at Craft Data we have been working with a specialist company in Korea that take a standard 250nit panel and tranforms it into typically a 1000 nit plus panel by removing the standard backlight assembly and replacing it with either a super hi-brightness, hi-efficiency LED or CCFL backlight unit (blu).

Sizes range from a 6.4″ VGA panel (base model LB064V12-TD01) with 1000 nit brightness to a 32.0″ WXGA panel (base model LC320W1) with 2000 nit brightness with all the popular panel sizes in between represented, along with the panel we also supply the appropriate backlight inverter.

All of the panel sizes can also be supplier as an open frame monitor with mounting metalwork and a VGA input which makes the integration into your application quick and easy. Touch versions utilising resistive, SAW, Capacitive and Infrared technology can also be supplied.

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