How UNTACT Kiosk Contactless Touch Monitors deal with dust!

Because our UNTACT contactless touch monitors use infrared touch technology one question that seems to come up regularly is “What if the environment is dusty/dirty, will the touch still work?” If you click on the following YouTube link you will see how much dust/dirt is necessary before the touch needs attention.

UNTACT contactless touch monitors really do give kiosk operators the opportunity of keeping their users safe from potential harmful bacteria left to fester and grow on touch screen surfaces! Fact – Anti-bacterial coatings on the touch surface do not prevent the spread of bacteria through moisture droplets!

How long will it be till we see the first lawsuit against a kiosk operator or establishment that uses a non-contactless touch system that a user claims they caught COVID-19 from! This may already be playing out somewhere in the world!

Stay Safe, use UNTACT Contactless touch!