Industrial TFT LCD Monitors

Craft Data Limited and their long-time partner GTT of Korea are pleased to bring to the UK market an enhanced range of industrial TFT LCD monitors. Utilising the latest 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio TFT panels we feel sure we have the right solution to fit today’s and possibly tomorrow’s monitor requirements. To help make integration into your unique application simple the monitors can be supplied in three basic formats:-

12 TFT kit

Kit Solution – Comprising of the TFT LCD, analogue driver board (RGB, HDMI, DVI, Display port, AV input) or an embedded PC, LED backlight driver, power supply plus full cabling. This option allows you to mount your TFT kit into your own bespoke enclosure. Touch options including the touch interface and software can also be supplied with either the touch sensor fitted to the TFT LCD or as a separate component for integration by yourself.



Industrial MonitorClosed Frame – Comprising of the TFT LCD, analogue driver board (RGB, HDMI, DVI, Display port, AV input) or an embedded PC, LED backlight driver, power supply, plus full cabling with the addition of a metal front mounting bezel & rear metalwork, touch options are also available. The closed frame option allows you to simply integrate the finished boxed unit into your application, several case options can be supplied depending on your requirements. The standard options are front or rear panel mount, or VESA mount, we can also supply custom metalwork including different paint finishes. The closed frame monitor option takes away the worry of TFT panel discontinuation or high minimum order quantities as GTT will have solutions in place to cover these potential problems. Custom metalwork can also be produced to meet your own mounting arrangements.

R19L300-OFM1Open Frame – TFT LCD, analogue driver board (RGB, HDMI, DVI, Display port, AV input) or embedded PC, LED backlight driver, power supply, full cabling plus rear metalwork, touch options also available. This option is designed to be easily integrated into your unique system enclosure, as with the “closed frame option GTT take away the worry of TFT panel obsolescence and high minimum order quantities as they work closely with several TFT panel manufacturers and will qualify several panel options to ensure of a long product life guarantee.


Sizes – The standard monitor range starts at the 5.7” VGA size and goes through to a 19.0” XGA in the 4:3 aspect ratio format, in the 16:10 wide aspect ratio the monitors starts at a 7.0” WVGA size and go up to a 23.6” Full HD size, also in this aspect ratio is the latest 21.5” Full HD, curved screen offering a superb 178° horizontal and 178° viewing angles. In the 16:9 wide format we can offer sizes from the super high 4K2K resolution (3840×2160) 23.8”panel right through to an impressive 55.0” Full HD panel featuring a 4000:1 contrast ratio. The majority of monitors feature very wide viewing angles of 178° on the horizontal and 178° on the vertical with a minimum contrast ratio of 1000:1 making them ideal for a host of applications requiring an excellent optical performance.

Touch – Virtually all our monitors can be supplied with a touch sensor, the technologies we provide as standard are 4 and 5-Wire resistive, Surface Acoustic Wave, Infrared, Surface Capacitive and Projected Capacitive. All the monitors or kits are supplied with the appropriate touch controller, typically USB or RS232 and with the relevant software drivers. With these different technologies we are sure that we have a product that can cope with any environment and budget.

High Brightness/Rugged – For outdoor or indoor applications requiring good visibility in high ambient light conditions we have a range of monitors with high brightness LED backlights. Sizes start in the 4:3 aspect ratio range at 10.4” XGA resolution with a brightness of 1200cd/m² and go to up to a 19.0” (1920×1024) size with a brightness of 1200cd/m². The 16:9 format range starts with a 18.5” (1366×768) size with a brightness of 1200cd/m² through to a 32.0” Full HD, 1500cd/m² brightness version. Other features include ultra-wide viewing angles (178°/178°), high contrast ratios of up to 3000:1 and auto dimming to black via a photocell of the LED backlight. For rugged environments we can also extend the operating temperature of our monitors down to -30°C and up to +85°C by thermal management (heat dissipation) and low power heaters and to prevent damage from condensation our PCBs use tantalum capacitors have a conformal coating to ensure they are not susceptible to a moisture build up. The metal work can either be a lightweight aluminium or stainless steel both of which offer excellent anti corrosion properties.



Stretch or Bar LCD – The latest Bar or Stretch monitors are also now available, sizes start at a 12.3” diagonal (1/3 of a 15.0” panel) with a resolution of 024×256 and go through to a 48.45” (1/3 of a 55.0” panel) with a 1920×360. Features include wide viewing angles (178°/178°) and high contrast (3500:1). This type of eye catching monitor is being used extensively in the transport sector and retail marketing where space is generally at a premium and customer footfall is high. As per all of GTT’s monitors these can be supplied as either a kit of parts or an open or closed frame options.

For further information or to discuss a project please contact our engineers on 01296 332000 or email