Kyocera Glass/Glass Resistive Touch

We are pleased to be part of one of the latest developments within the touch screen/overlay market. Our partner Kyocera known in the display market for their excellent CSTN and TFT LCD are now mass producing their unique glass/glass structure 4-wire resistive touch. Traditionally 4-wire resistive touches have always been in the main a film/glass construction which have performed extremely well in a host of industrial and commercial applications however they have sometimes suffered in very hostile environments where either cold, heat and humidity have proved very challenging. Through technical advances and specialist construction Kyocera have replaced the front film with an ultra thin (0.2mm) flexible glass layer resulting in superior visability (>85% transmissivity) and a longer operating life (>1M touches on a single point). Operating temperatures at both ends of the spectrum are also accomodated, the glass/glass touch has an operating temperature of -35 ~ +85 degC and a storage temperature of -40 ~ +95 degC.

The rear glass substrate can be supplied in various thicknesses of 0.7, 1.1 and 1.8mm and with the front glass being only 0.2mm thick the overall package is extremely thin whilst still offering excellent durability and environmental properties. The glass/glass touch is hermetically sealed thus preventing a build up of moisture between the rear glass substrate and the front glass which has sometimes been an issue for the traditional film/glass touches in high humidity applications.

Different surface treatments can also be applied to the front glass, anti-reflection, anti-glare, anti-finger print and if purchasing Kyocera’s packaged product i.e. TFT LCD plus glass/glass touch, the LCDs front polarizer, which dramatically improves the displays readability in sunlight and increases the displays transmissivity to >90%. Sizes start at 3.5″ diagonal and currently go up to 19.0″ (4:3 aspect ratio) covering all the popular display sizes inbetween.

The touch can be supplied as a separate component which the user can then adhere to their own display or we can supply the touch fitted to one of Kyocera’s TFT LCDs, again sizes from 3.5″ to 19.0″.

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