Kyocera “Thin & Light” 5.7″ TFT LCD

Where Kyocera leads the others will follow?

The latest innovation from Kyocera, one of the worlds premier TFT LCD display manufacturers is to shrink their highly successful and much copied 5.7″ V-Series TFT LCD and come up with their “Thin & Light” range.

At over 50% slimmer and lighter than the current 5.7″ V-Series TFT, Kyocera have pushed the boundaries in LCD technology whilst not compromising on performance. Once again Kyocera have listened to what today’s engineers and product designers need from their display and the call for a more compact, lightweight display has not gone un-answered.

The new “Thin & Light” 5.7″ TFT has an LED backlight and is available in two resolutions, QVGA, 320×240 dots (TCG057QVLBA-G00) and full VGA, 640×480 dots (TCG057VGLBA-G00) both with the same mechanical footprint, making these displays ideal for a product family or possible future product upgrades.


  • Outline Dimension (mm): 127.2 (W) x 100.4 (H) x 5.7 (D)
  • Weight (g): 110
  • Contrast Ratio: 500:1
  • Brightness (cd/m2): 300
  • Response Time (ms): 35
  • Viewing Angle (V/H): 160/160 deg.

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