New Semi-Rugged 2″ Mobile Thermal Printer, SP-T11

We  are pleased to introduce our latest thermal printer from our newest partner Beijing Spirit (SPRT). Their stylishly designed, compact SP-T11 is a 2″ semi-rugged portable version that is very competitively priced without sacrificing performance and build quality.











The printer can withstand a drop onto a hard surface from a height of 1.2M and has covered communications and power ports preventing the ingress of moisture, dust and dirt. Comms are provided by a hardwired USB or RS232 interface plus wireless Bluetooth providing the user with good flexibility and easy setup. A print speed of 100mm/sec and a high resolution of 8 dots/mm (203dpi) provides almost instantaneous high-quality text, graphics and barcode, including QR code print outs. A lithium Li-on battery pack provides a long battery life capable of printing non-stop for over 90 metres on a single charge and has a standby time of over 15 days. The printer supports near end paper and black mark detection sensors and has drivers available for Windows, LINUX and SDK codes for Android OS. A label roll version of the printer is also available with the exact same performance and specification other than a slightly slower print speed of 80mm/sec.


• 48mm print width
• 384 dots/line (8 dots/mm)
• 100 mm/sec print speed (SP-L21 label version 80 mm/sec)
• 120mm x 82mm x 51mm overall dimensions
• 300g weight (including battery)
• USB + Bluetooth interfaces (RS232 option)

The standard package includes a belt pouch, comms cable, AC adaptor (with UK, Euro & US plug options) plus a single roll of paper.

Datasheet Download SP-T11-L21 Datasheet

About Beijing Spirit

Printer buyers around the world are growing familiar with the SPRT brand, since 1996 they have supplied customers with advanced panel mini printers, POS receipt printers, portable printers and kiosk printers. They were the first in mainland China to develop and introduce thermal printing technology into their printers. They are located in one of China’s leading technology development areas, Shangdi in Beijing, they have recruited world class talent and use state of the art components and innovative ideas to produce first rate printing products.

Whilst many manufacturers lack the ability to develop key components in-house, Beijing Spirit can, apart from the thermal print heads which are imported from their partners in Japan all other components are developed right in their own ISO9001:2000 certified factory. This leads to significant cost savings as there are no importation costs and component costs from overseas suppliers, this also allows for the quality of each component to be fully monitored throughout the complete manufacturing process.  Where necessary all parts carry CE, UL and RoHS compliance.

Beijing Spirit can also accept OEM/ODM custom projects, with over 20 R&D engineers and a fast sample production line samples can be ready in as little as 3 days.  The factory also understand that technology does not stand still so it is also policy to introduce a minimum of 3 new standard products every year. They also understand that due to the nature of some markets customer’s need a fast turn around from order to shipment which is why they hold a large inventory of components so a 500pc requirement can be manufactured and shipped within a 2 week period, but not before each unit has undergone a rigorous 24hr test.

Clients all around the world are starting to recognize Beijing Spirit as an industry leader, they currently hold 30% of the market in China for mini panel printers and with a growing world distribution channel now developing it is only a matter of time before they hold a significant worldwide market share for POS, panel, Kiosk and portable printers.

For more information please call on 01296 332000 or email